PROGRESSIVE AND LIBERAL POWERS today expressed in both religion and state, offer the mortality of weaker persons in our society upon altars yet formed by ancient gods. With a selective focus in the modern world using tactics that remind us of Nazi experiments and genocidal manias in Eastern Europe and Africa, we find that the populations most impacted by this horrendous modern ideology are the unborn and very young. This is tied to the inability of this segment of our population to voice complaint. Other segments of our population, namely elders and geriatric... though similarly attacked by our cannibalistic society... normally do have some resources to express when they are made victims of persecution.

 Another important fact often escapes us. our quietude leads us to wrestle with such alarm only as we challenge rapacious abortion facilities. Consequently, we need to examine the roots of the problem. We need only look at our human history to find the flaw. Viewing human history, we find a glaring reflection. A horrid furrow ploughed deep into our society is highlighted. We become aware that murder of these helpless children has been a stalwart of human depravity for eons of time.

Infant Mortality 4 Gain?

  You see, we find that the ancient biblical record reveals the practices of rampant child murder in societies that existed centuries ago... often given the gratuitous title of “sacrifice”. The act was a method of deity appeasement during ancient times. As biblical witnesses describe, the thunder gods Marduk and Ba’al Hammon were thought to be persuaded by such horrid practices. Though both nature gods were just natural occurrences that we moderns know as thunderstorms, the upshot was that depending on the weather conditions of such as land and sea in Canaan, a nature god would seasonally roll in upon the land toward pre-scientific peoples from the Mediterranean Sea, or similar bodies of water. By doing so they would quench the thirst of the land for a bountiful spring planting.