Scripture is always where any knowledgeable Christian should start to make evangelism plans. First, pray fervently that the Holy Spirit will guide actions and words. Next, remember that looking into scripture is like studying the operator’s manual to see the workings for a new electric-powered car. Experience knows that simple things can keep us curbside. For example, if we pull away from the curb without first looking in the rear-view mirror, we are indeed worthy to be called drunken fools.

 To choose a setting and methods most suitable for listener reception, rather than being ignored either as drunk or stoned on some mind-altering substance, read the first several chapters in the Acts of the Apostles. Those of you having biblical knowledge know this was when the

Evangelism Mechanics!

 When and Where? We of the Church know from history the results of our doing evangelism in today’s world have been mixed. Knowing this, we need to gather and remember how it was originally done, and learn that which is successful for us.

Holy Spirit cranked up the first Christians in faith during a Pentecost celebration. Occurring after the death and Resurrection of Jesus, the result was that some observers believed in him... while others scoffed. Those who believed were the foundations of the Church for centuries to come.

Indeed… study scripture... then step out in witness. This is the starting point of evangelism! Use what God  provides.

  Start with what you know and move toward the divine knowledge that the Spirit gives. On this the Church of Christ across the ages has endured and grown.

 The potential for evangelistic success is very high in American society. As our Lord has pointed out, “the harvest is ready, but workers are few”.

 Yet in the fast-paced modern world, we must strive to do this task in a consistent method. We need to first point out to a listener or group that though we are collectively sinful and live in a corrupt world we are delivered by God’s grace… "justified (made right by God) by grace through faith given (again, it’s free!), through the redemption (payment) which is in

Know that whenever and wherever the Good News is proclaimed, there are those persons who nod assent, and hide as they reject the telling.