ANYONE beginning a run down the drag strip of life in the coming New Year, should consider their personal spin. This should be done before mashing the accelerator down, pegging the tachometer and slipping the clutch. As our personal clocks click into 2021, all people.., but especially we who are baptized by the Holy Spirit as Christian... need to clearly consider the road ahead.

Many automotive enthusiasts can attest to us that predicting even the near future in any society, is much like trying to find the perfect spark timing for the whole of an engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) range.  Many vehicle standards and people who produced them are no longer with us. Consequently, finding our way into January and beyond is a matter not left to fate. To put the truth bluntly, it seems that “You got to run it to find the Way!”

 Knowing the year will run beneath the watchful eye of someone who wants the best for us, and out of us... is important. This one is not, however, promised to be a governmental politician, astrological authority or soothsayer. You see, the Master Builder is the only one… at once our Creator, and this molder of days sent a prophet, a priest and the King of kings into our world. Almighty God rules all things through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are preserved by grace through faith given to us in this beloved son Jesus.

 I say to you that God the Father keeps all things and creates each into existence from one power stroke to the next. All the while his creation is happening, his Son offers us a rev-limiter that keeps us from self destruction. He sends the fiery exhaust of the Holy Spirit. That set

apart Spirit breathes into us eternal life and scripture’s wisdom.

 For the reason of being taught rightly about this work of the Holy Trinity, I say to you that our God pays little

Classic Chaos or New?

attention to the counting of our days or years… for these are but human inventions to mark for us the time in which we strive.

 God is eternal; and we are not!

 We get cranked up at birth, run at various speeds during our lives, and then our bodies quit when the spark dies. Our God, however, is eternal. Our God must be thought of as our salvation for now, tomorrow and the New Year. Scripture testifies to this forever loving Truth. We need only pick up the Holy Bible and find the right specs as the future unfolds.

 As to predictions for the coming year, we shudder at hearing the bad news of “2020”. Indeed it has

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With turbulence showing in Presidential election, illness epidemics, wars and rumors of wars… and snowy darkness shading the ending of this calendar year, we who love old cars note the ending manufacture of many insignias. Are we to follow the Avanti, Olds or Pontiac?

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