RECENT news brought out a great travesty in political oversight that has cost many lives. This occurred in New York State as its governor responded to the COVID-19 outbreak. The governor seems to have negligently steered virus-afflicted persons to nursing homes where elderly persons were residents. The action resulted not only caused the loss of life for victims of the pandemic, but also transferred that illness to the elders. Many, many of those elders affected died because of that action. The understaffed and unprepared medical personnel within the recipient facilities could not cope with the outbreak.

 At present, the political protectionists of the state have joined hands to effectively block honest evaluations of the decision. They’ve taken the wheels off and raised the vehicle of governmental oversight on blocks, in spite of great evidence that other resources… safer resources… were available at the time of the decision. The response of the governor is that the federal authorities were at fault. This is much like blaming the flagman when a drag race is lost.

 As the people of God, we Christians need to look closely beneath the hood of this state’s policies. First, know that the value of life is greatly diminished in New York State. Nascent children not yet born, or the newly born may be legally killed there. This means that if human life can be so flagrantly be discarded for the young, we may wonder what profit is there in

manipulating the elderly. The political question arises, “Who profits if elderly persons die in volume?”










Though the answers offered still bring about great disagreements amid the population of caring persons, we offer that the demise of these older persons on voting roles and census figures

causes changes in government. Also, financial powers within the elder care industry have their monetary influences affected. All of this, of course… is speculation just yet. As Christians, however, we need remember that God has said…


“Thou Shall NOT kill.”


Murderous From Age To Age

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