Be informed that these demonically-deceived segments of our berserk Church population join civil groups to spend great resources in attempting to redefine when human biological life begins. This liberalism murders nascent children... even up to and after the time of birth. It is appalling to me that many in the Christian church.., even some so-called Conservatives... for the sake of keeping up with acceptable modern living standards, buy into this horrid behavior. These cast aside that pro-choice groups are against Christian values favoring family life and church growth.

 Consequently, the present legal U.S. population dwindles in both the Church and civil realm. This is indeed satanically plotted. Therefore we who acknowledge salvation in Christ Jesus according to right interpretation of scripture suffer decreasing congregational populations and exert less influence within society. 

 What now are the corrections needed? Because of my previous vocation, I contend that we can take a lesson from that mechanic who works diligently on an automobile’s four-cycle gasoline engine. The first cycle is to realize our reluctance to do the evangelical task. However, we must have intake! To be successful evangelists we need only to access the

power of the Holy Spirit to do the work of spreading the gospel. Just how to go about that task I have covered in written form and videos.

 The second phase we need is compression. As Christians we must not abandon the necessity for gathering tightly together in community. We must gather together regularly without turmoil.

 As many already know, many church denominations have broken apart over the issue of human sexuality. However, this may be a positive

occurrence. In spite of this breakup, those who believe in the validity of scripture correctly interpreted are gleaned so that those confirming the male and female bond in marriage and family gather separately. These persons yet remain in prayer and collegiality. This compression then is paramount to create the next cycle... that of power expressed. Just as the “Woke” education system is now being challenged by parental rights, so to we of the true Church must affirm that while sexual eccentricity is acceptable by modern society, it is not the norm sought by the leadership or congregational life of the true Church. We who value the teachings of the prophets need to drive restrictively along correct avenues for maintaining proper family structures. This is seen, however, as explosive attitudes to hold in today’s societies. 


Right Turn...

Does your congregation perform compression tests? Unless we squeeze together tightly for prayer, Bible study and praise, we shall not endure.