Population Losses 

Family population losses in many modern societies such as the United States occurred because of several important economic and social factors. First, we note that since the end of WWII, women have rightly experienced greater employment freedom. Even though many women in free societies yet suffer salary inequities, family living structures changed greatly in that couples have fewer children since that post-war era.

More wives went out to work as it became economically difficult to raise many children. This trend continued until our nation now experiences an overall population trend that drops numerically close to researched levels of existential sustainability. If the momentum remains, it gives great import to those illegal immigrants who are crashing over our borders from over-populated, but poorer nations. Secondly, knowing this population replacement has caused

atheistic political powers to plot and further capitalize on the change. This strategy is sought since many immigrants are from troubled socialist nations. The evidence shows that we are immigrating Marxist political leanings. The strategic outline for forwarding this socialist change was written in “Rules for Radicals” by Professor Saul Alinsky.

Economically, to have a desirable and modern quality of life many individuals are either foregoing parenthood or simply limiting family size to no more than two children. Worse yet, many congregations within so-called Christian denominations presently hold liberal political leanings. These parties express a murderous preference for the legality of abortion. Then for economic congregational sustainability, these churches invite people of same-sex lifestyle which have reproductive inability. This penchant is highlighted by the inclusion of LBGTQ, etc... into their ecclesial ranks and clergy.

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Subsequent to WWII, the ‘50s brought the plight of women in the workforce rightly to our attention. Sadly however, because of human sin freedoms since gained resulted in smaller families and congregations.