We need to grasp and teach that the immutable Law of God has several purposes. The Ten Commandments first convict us of our sins against God and our neighbors. These offenses disassemble the intended relationships between ourselves and God, and between families and family members. Second, because no human being can fully satisfy the Law and thus escape condemnation, though we often try to ignore the Commandments by denying the existence of the Author and his divinity... or challenge and change his Law... personal and community death presses in upon us! Subsequently we are driven to salvation in Christ Jesus. Before God we should rightly kneel as sinners diminished in our forming of an enduring society. We must confess to our losing ground in our religious lives and expressions. 

 As a Christian, I contend that we need to take notice. We are first called to take a knee and confess our sinfulness. Then in true repentance, we can be forgiven through Christ and may acknowledge that we have gracefully received freely that which Jesus went to the cross to purchase... our justification and being restored before God. When we are restored, the time then comes to thank God for this gift. We are called thereby to work freely in thankfulness... expressing our received faith during worship, and pursuing Christian population growth with a clear voice. 

 Now... do not be deceived! The only possible recovery for any society that neglects the Commandments, lay in their also demanding the Law be used for tailoring all behaviors in that civil realm. Does this attitude rail against the evil powers that forward Christian depopulation? Certainly! Demonic political factions seek power so to organize “One World” socialism in order to displace God’s authority. To

express the situation prophetically then, I say this stance definitely sets the Church over against Satan’s plotting in various ways. So be alert to deceptions. Be ready in prayerful and growing communities that are steadfast in faith and witness. We need to be focused on the restoration of a proper Christian church and lifestyle.

 Driven to turn away from sin and receive Christ by power of the Holy Spirit, we need to invite the same  who approaches you through the very reading of this article. Through guiding of the Holy Spirit we shall be empowered to change gears. We can shift the Church from reverse to first gear on the road of life. We will again run the race, reject the lies, honor marriage and have children. We need to see that all the family are baptized. Teach the Commandments, the Creeds and the faith history of the Church. When our family shifts to second and high as faith grows, we can roll down the car windows on the way to Church and hear the wind. We can clearly hear that we are indeed called to serve God because we are saved by grace through faith freely given to us in Christ Jesus, and not because we have made the right turn. Thanks be to God.



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