inch cu. in. in size. It had to be square and held to a 0.001 tolerance. However, we learned that things were not always as they seemed. In measuring with a precision micrometer, the exact results we got would change with the temperature of the metal and our touch upon the thimble of the micrometer. It took practice to get consistent. I later found that the task was much like when Jesus sent his disciples out on their first evangelism job. Indeed there are similarities between the tasks.








 You see, Jesus had completed his initial road trip of ministry and was busy enabling his followers concerning the evangelical days that would be ahead for them. His warnings and his prayers had prepared those original twelve followers well, but they had not yet been measured. They had not practiced their tasks for ministry. We who now today inherit his evangelical task, in a society where churches are losing membership, we need to pay attention to both his predictions and instructions. Like machinists out of work too long, we believers in the Church seem to have lost our “feel”.

 Most certainly during this present time of

unrest, not too dissimilar from the political and social staging found during the original sending of disciples, we who have been sinfully lax in the Church need to pay attention to our Lord’s instructions. Our Lord, through his Word spoken... leads us straight toward measuring the accuracy we need for right gospel proclamation.

 We need to remember that when Jesus taught his disciples, he spoke of the difficulties that would occur as they encountered the seemingly immovable surfaces of the Jewish offering rituals. I think it was a bit like trying to measure the stem of a rusty engine intake valve. Corrosion got in

the way.

The disciples went out. They did as instructed. They proclaimed that the day of the Lord was at hand. They healed those whose pain could not be measured. By doing so, they learned that the many demons of religious or atheistic hardness were tougher than tempered steel. But rather than break or fold beneath that hammering resistance, they did just as the Lord had instructed.

Divine Measuring (cont’d)

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By Jim Cymbala with Dean Merrill