hour, The pump would spray a water and alcohol mix (we used windshield washer fluid) into the engine’s air intake. The kit’s spray nozzle located in the ductwork we’d modified between the air cleaner and the throttle plate.

 I said, “Let’s start with the smallest nozzle and work upward in size until there’s no acceleration improvement.”

Bud, with a grin that could be used in an ad for a mental institution… said, “No… let’s go BIG! Thus we installed the largest water jet.







We took the car out on the newest portion of closed highway construction of what is now interstate I-95. Bud wound the five banger up, and as he hit high gear I pressed the water injection switch.

 For a moment, the engine sounded like a screaming Audi race car attacking a Nuremberg straight-away. We took off… and then… blurrrr… we started to go slower. I checked the rear view mirror and saw a cloud of steam trailing us like a white dragon’s breath. I quickly released the button. However, the steam kept pouring out of the exhaust for a moment of two. But

eventually the engine started to run better. Finally, when my breath returned to my body… I heard Bud say, “I think we need a smaller jet.”

 After returning with spirits dampened into the school shop, and making adjustments in smaller jet sizes, we found that a small

Fire and Water!

Supreme Lifted Truck
148542: Through the Water and the Fire: A Swift Boat Sailor"s Story Through the Water and the Fire: A Swift Boat Sailor's Story
By Charles Hunt