However, after much talking over the ersatz innovations with Bud… I found out the real reason for his showing me, wasn’t about the pride of a new and unique car. You see, Bud was a true entrepreneur.






 Bud changed the tone of his voice to one of more serious note. He said, “I’d like your help with a project.”

With that said, he laid out a cardboard box that said, “Water Injection”.

 “I want to try this kit out on this VW.”

I said, “Are you serious? You’re nuts! That kit is garbage.”

He said, “Look, this is my wife’s car. And even with the turbocharger it runs like a raped ape in low gears, but the power wheezes out in higher. I think this water

injection can be a cheap way to cure the lag. If it works, I’m going to sell the kits at the shop.”

 Now, knowing me to be rather conservative in theological matters today... many might say that’d be the end of the conversation. But not so… in those days my mechanical

curiosities got the best of me. We installed the kit.

 Basically, the kit contained a reservoir, a water hose and various sized nozzles. The unit was powered by an electrical water pump, its wiring and a switch. After wading through instructions... made in at least four languages, we did the installation in about an

Fire and Water!

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350601: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
By Jim Cymbala with Dean Merrill