Though deliberate and with foreknowing of the persons, the reason for Jesus’ choosing of a particular individual isn’t really spelled out. However, I do wonder about his choices because the whole scene seems to be quite... illogical!

Consider that in all of the entirety of creation, amongst universes beyond our sight and yet unknown… Almighty God sent His Only Begotten Son to this sorry place. Here God chose to save and preserve us. Also consider that Jesus, his Beloved Son… was born in an ancient and dirty stable in a backward, conquered country in the Roman Empire…. and what’s more… God had told several insignificant people known as prophets that he was going to do it. Grace upon grace!

 Why so, we might wonder? It’s more puzzling than someone finding a choice ‘58 Corvette in a barn filled with rusty four-door ‘57 Plymouth Belvederes!

 Now, consider this… the Son of God was born into a earthly, sinful world. He grew up and chose a dozen rather sinful, insignificant members of that ancient society to teach... some who were really struggling to just make a living… to be his followers. We note that his followers called him “Rabbi” (Teacher). Which simply means that by following him they’d signed on to be his students.

Can you see any logic in these decisions?

Why would God do such things? Couldn’t God have called a better class of people? Could he not have chosen from the highly educated strata of society? We so restively hear about this calling of the first disciples, though the act is so astounding. Is it difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that our Infinite God, should become finite for our sake, and then choose such unlikely people for his Church?

 Today we realize that these people chosen, the first of those who eventually would become twelve apostles in number…

represent the early Church. Eventually they passed along to us the scriptures… and through them the love of God was shown to come through Jesus Christ. Now, because of the fractured nature of the modern Church, I again ask, “Shouldn’t our God have chosen a better class of people?” As I thought about the answer to this question… I fiound that the Holy Spirit given at our Baptism gave us answer.

 “No! There were no better people. What’s

In Your Hearing, cont’d...

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By Max Lucado / Thomas Nelson