†WHEN RUMMAGING with a friend through a box of junk at a fire company car show last summer, my buddy came across a memory keepsake from long ago. It was a sailing ship hood ornament, like the one that once perched on the nose of another favorite friendís car. At the time, the Plymouth symbol reminded me that friends, cars and fire trucks mix, blended together in memory like ashes and water. I remember that this is a particular truth

proved out during a mid-week reunion ride.

†As I remember it, the vehicle my friend Mike rode in during that night was driven through our shared hometown. Mike was seated in the passenger side of a faded, old black, 1940 4-door Plymouth sedan.

†In that old car, the headliner was torn. The inside floorboard was typically littered by empty Coca-Cola bottles and a few crushed Winston cigarette packs. Worn with high mileage, the Plymouth had a flathead six-cylinder that smoked a little. It was definitely not a hotrod engine. However,

Sifting the Ashes?

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