holiness were also condemned. We who have trouble getting over the hill in this world can wonder why they claimed such rightness for the next. Were the people of that age so committed to themselves that they felt that they no longer had to prove themselves worthy and right before the throne of God? Did they feel they were doing so well that they jumped to defend themselves according to all of the benefits they had… which of course in their view had its fulfillment in the temple of Jerusalem? “Why the condemnation?” they wondered.  Couldn’t Jesus tell that their truck was efficiently loaded!

 Or, were they just selfishly attempting to maintain their own power and position in that ancient society? Sure… they'd promoted the fulfillment of the laws which had been handed down from generations before. It was like they were checking with the vehicle weight class before hitting the road. The laws included legislations covering many avenues of human behavior and interaction. The laws ranged from such as how to behave, how to worship, what to wear, what to eat, when to stand… when to sit, when to be married…  when to divorce… etc, and etc.













The lawyers and the Pharisees back then had inherited great legalistic traditions, and over centuries had turned the obedience to these mandates into a religion. Basically they'd said that if one should religiously keep the well-known rules... they would profit for all hill climbing both in this life and the next. The upshot was also that if anyone disobeyed they would be punished. The guilty would fall on hard times. They wouldn’t get over the mountain to the promised land. Instead they would go to heated places where no one

Tongue Weight, cont’d...

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