However, in the same way that putting in an adjustable seat and spark advance tailored a car to a new driver, each subsequent writer slightly changed what Mark had said… so to fit each gospel message to their own communities. Thus we see minor textual differences appeared between the earliest three gospels, even though beneath they all said the same message. You see, the Holy Spirit was surely guiding the writing in spite of sinful and human front-end wanderings, misalignment and poor steering.

 Finally, the last gospel record written down in the Bible came from Saint John. Most likely published initially in the area of Palestine and southeastern Syria just after the middle of the first century, the final form that we read today actually didn’t come into being until about the turn of the century. Being altered and added to like a ’40 Willys drag coupe… with a bit more power than the original… the “Gospel According to Saint John” helped to carry the Church into a new century and

a multi-layered show. The two gave the infant Church story great traction. This was certainly needed back then, for the tumult caused by those witnessing catacombs “Christians” gave way to

beyond. Running in the Christian race alongside the full bore “Acts of the Apostles” document written by the church of Luke, the two records put on


Steering with the Spirit’s graceful spark, Christians move evangelically into the future. Our task is to preach, teach and baptize in the name of  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Made pure and white by the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God… the Church reforms and makes us new in every age. Our route down the future road has been laid out for us and leads to the cross, for through its power we are made whole.