forms. Bible versions now exist as somewhat numerous, like the models of Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and a myriad of other automakers. Many who want to read the ancient witness in an orthodox and traditional manner find that choosing the right biblical options becomes a daunting task.

To get started shopping for either car or Bible, some Christians have clung to the standards recommended by an earlier member of their household. In this “Because my parents had one!” mentality, a young person often just chooses to drive the car or read the Bible favored by a known and respected person. The question as we all grow to reach adulthood then becomes… “Is this one the best for me?”

 Looking back in history, we find from  its beginning that the Church was like early cars. We needed to be pushed to start. Being sinners who were also made saints, the first writers of the Bible worked out of an ignorance similar to the techniques used by the earliest car makers. Much like Karl Otto, who made the gas engine by using the natural principles of refrigerant evaporation that he learned as an apprentice of Karl Linde... the earliest Christians orally spoke from their history, and only later took up the pen. They first memorized Jesus’ sayings. They told the sick and needy of his miracles, Fathers and mothers taught their children, friends and relatives about the history of Jesus’ ministry, crucifixion and Resurrection. The result was that within the first decade after Jesus death, converts from the old Jewish way were being drawn by oral communication into the early Church as they began to learn of God’s saving grace.

 However, soon the need to put it all together became necessary. This happened because the original followers of Jesus began to die off. This need is seen by the ministry of Saint Paul, who within the first decade after the Ascension of our Lord, bounced the rutted and cobbled roads of the Roman Empire while founding,

who had to decide whether front, center or rear engine positioning was best… the Church had to compete

fighting, and writing letters to new congregations. He did so until his death in approximately 64-68 A.D.

 Paul ‘s writings demonstrated that, like the pioneers of the automobile industry


Like cars that change from model-to-model, and vary slightly according to year of production, so to the gospel message changed over time. Starting with most of Mark’s gospel later writings of Matthew and Luke expanded that text and tailored new upholstery for the growing church.

Four gospels can move you forward better than internal combustion.

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