distanced from our Lord, we evangelically intrude upon evil. Just as on the Day of Pentecost, our way forward will not always be easy nor fruitful. We don’t need to be a public speaker such as St Peter or St Paul. We can be a one with one witness, such as when Philip was with the Ethiopian.

  Know that many opportunities exist to witness in places of employment, social clubs, bowling leagues, football games, military-related activities such as VFW clubs and American Legion....and a multitude of other events. The initial tone you use can be either humorous or heavy laden. Your witness can be made on a ride to an amusement park, while waiting in a traffic jam with a co-worker, or in the armchairs of a one-day surgery waiting room of a hospital. The approach and conversation entry point can be as varied as the humanity that is doing the task or hearing the message.

  I simply say to you… be evangelically-minded! Start now. If you put off the task, it may not get done. Remember, our Lord said… GO

therefore into all nations… and I am bold enough to add “NOW”.

   Each evangelist has an interest or trade which enables them to interact with others. You may have heard the adage that “no one is an island unto themselves”. The foundations of friends and family in our society are not too different from that of the first disciples.  Biblical stories move from

scripture to everyday life and your witnessing will progress from there. Use memorized verses, such as those I’ve previous offered, or resource a known prayer or Christian creed to guide your witness. Realize that such items as the Apostles' Creed are witness tools!

  Our task is much like fishing on the shores of Galilee. You know the habitat of the prize catch and you should use appropriate metaphor or stories to cast into a conversation. But like fishing, it takes practice to get the basket full. Form a church evangelism group. Try practicing your cast with members of your group. In fly fishing it often takes prayerful practice before confidence allows going to the stream. But do not forget the fish! Don’t let the evangelism group be an end unto itself. Going to the stream is a must if you want to catch fish.

Evangelism Mechanics

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Your everyday activities provide many opportunities to share the Good News of salvation. Chess club attendees, golfing buddies, fly af-fish-ianados, knit and purl knowers, and more... are all in need to hear as sinners such as yourself.

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