As example, a holy conversation may begin with when baking with a family member. It can begin with a simple question… “Do you know the biblical story of leaven?” Then reveal that leaven is now called yeast. In this, know the central applicable statement of Jesus concerning leavening, then look for ways to use that in evangelical conversation. Then the story follows the biblical sequence of our sin, the sacrifice of Christ, thus forgiveness, and deliverance follows.

 As a Christian who attends Bible studies and worship, accessing useful stories from memory should be an easy task. If you knit in a quilting club… use wool from lost sheep, to heal those who are hurting like a worn out comforter blanket.

 In the modern technical world this can work as well. For example, I remember working in a metallurgical lab. Ask a body shop worker what are the connections are between scripture and hardening the metal by fire? Fire is

a symbol of the Holy Spirit!

  How are metal items case hardened? They are buried in carbon, like we are smothered in sin! The metal becomes crusted and hard.

How then does softening or annealing happen? Using a sustained application of intense heat, a metal that is hardened and made brittle may be annealed... softened to a malleable entity. We can suffer conviction… softened by being put into the oven of judgment. Thus we, like heat-treated steel are made into a workable tool by the heat of the divine Holy Spirit… soft, annealed and ready for being machined into holy service.

  If you work around water, such as a dishwasher in a restaurant, what biblical symbols fit? How can this

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