symbol lead us conversationally to the idea of Holy Baptism? Yes, to quote a childhood poem, whether “butcher, baker or candlestick maker”, we can do the task for the future of the Church in gospel proclamation.

 Does all this seem far-fetched? I think not… we have simply lost our spiritual imagination. I offer you a last note concerning witness told to me about a man who carpooled. He simply said to his driver… “I went to Church over the weekend, and it was a little confusing. We say the Creed.., you know. It starts, “I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven

Evangelism Mechanics

and earth. How long do you think it took him? I mean was it seven days or seven billion years?”

 The result was a conversation about creation that continued in stages for a period of weeks. The passenger was eventually invited to Bible study and moved by the Spirit toward becoming a member of a church.

  As an evangelist, I say to you.... just DO IT! The results can be glorious. Jesus called his disciples, and sent out the twelve locally, giving them a taste of what they can expect. They came back rejoicing as the first of many, including we today who have the Spirit’s will to do the task.

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Gather, pray, practice, learn and disperse to proclaim!

Be bold in sharing the Good News in one-with-one settings. This method can birth forever friendships unto everlasting life!

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