presence of faith. He used the mustard seed, however, is proverbially small, thus a suitable metaphor for the amount of faith needed to do the seemingly impossible. He said that faith that small could grow very large.

 He used the sycamine tree as example, not to be confused with sycamore. The tree grew to a height of some thirty feet, and would be difficult to uproot. Thus it’s a suitable metaphor for the amount of faith needed to do the impossible.

 For me, it seemed impossible to my father that I would ever learn the concept of respect for another’s property… but he was the master, and I was the servant. He had faith in my ability to eventually learn, and I’m still learning.

 Faith is key. Jesus’ answer to the request for additional faith seems to be indicate that they should use the faith they already had to petition God. You see, Jesus’ taught them using the ideal example of a giving servant… one who gives beyond what seems to be a worldly fairness. The world’s idea of

success is to lord it over others; Jesus’ way, however, is the reverse—namely, servanthood—which is actually the way to true greatness. The circumstances Jesus described was normal in that society.

 The parable presents to the Church a reversal of that norm… the same norm that the world societies still exert upon people.

 The extraordinary act depicted in servanthood, symbolizes God’s grace, because Jesus served us. God became the servant and now calls we who are made disciples to be the same. He laid out the proper servant attitude. Jesus did not intend to demean servants but to make their duty clear.

 By doing so, he made the path for his apostles and disciples very clear. He thus laid out the behavioral pattern for those of us who are made disciples through baptism. We are the saved people of God, and members of his Church. We are not to seek thanks, but are to work in thankfulness for grace already given.

Thanks be to God.  Now, “May the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, our Lord… Amen”


Divine Patience

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