often used by the demonic to distract the Church. Though some of us have been doing a passable job in house, amongst our kin, we in most of the modern church are not getting it done out in  public places. We don’t talk about Jesus to the people we interact with in places along the highways, bypasses and streets of our nation. So I believe we need to tighten the nuts and bolts of evangelism a bit… even to the point of getting a little torqued about it.

  Whenever we do this task properly, the “who” we talk to becomes extremely important. Evangelism is a conversation between ourselves and people with whom we speak. To be understood in this, we need as evangelists to step away from the language of the Church and speak in their tongues. If you read about the Holy Spirit who gave birth to the Church after Jesus had ascended, we see that the disciples were enabled to speak in various languages. They spoke using words the hearers would understand. The early Church being forgiven of its shaky past, was given the power to speak to those who stood nearby.

 Now keep that thought in mind.

That scene is exactly what we need to duplicate today. We need to connect with those around us as family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers… and not imitate them. I don’t see that the modern Church, especially my own denomination is doing this properly. Usually we don’t communicate the message of Jesus as Savior except when we have our own close knit group around us in Church.

 Now, many of you are in Church communities that have forgotten how to do evangelism. In coming here from Europe, many of historically populated our churches only by having children. However, two things have shut this down like a drag race on Main Street. First, as a society we are not having as many children. And second.., those kids who are now raised and catechized, often go away to school and work in a very mobile society. There they can fall away from any expression of the faith that they’ve been taught.

 You see, in my childhood with Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Catechism teachers, deep ruts of faith were formed by the power of the Holy Spirit. However,

Rust to Dust…? (cont’d)

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