through subsequent years of living as an adult outside of the Church family I too fell away from the fold.

 Many people we meet today share this personal history. As well, know that more than a few people that you interact with in work and social life have never even had that personal foundation, not having ever graced the seats we set up in a Christian congregation. They may have only had spurious contact with the Word of God whenever attending a wedding or funeral. That’s a bit like riding a scooter when they really need to straddle a four-wheeler to attack the hill of sin they ride on.

 Thankfully in my case God has a long memory. Later in my life, only because of the witness of an evangelical mechanic… did I eventually end up back in Church. This is exactly the casual witness that I want to tell you about. Two mechanics talking about Jesus at lunch can jump the chasm between the temporary and

eternal. At his prompting, once again I entered the somewhat familiar environment of worship and the Word given. A few faithful pastors then spoke to me. My thoughts were molded back to matters of faith. I

subsequently did a new members class that covered the Lutheran Book of Concord and a study of the Lutheran Confessions. Eventually God’s direction supercharged me for the ordained ministry. Today, I yet thank pastors that remain true to scripture rightly interpreted. My road was smoothed as the Word poured out. I was kept walking the double line of scriptural Law and Gospel.

 For evangelism, however, the best example comes from one very special person. I want to point out to you the discipleship of my wife. She stands before me as an example of an invaluable, everyday evangelist. As a lay person who daily accepts her calling as an evangelist… I think she is something that every Christian should strive to be.

 Now, I don’t know whether it was her

Rust to Dust…? (cont’d)

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Lasting Christian evangelism can grow outward from one-on-one conversations about matters of faith.

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