youthful upbringing as a Catholic or later adulthood as a staunch Lutheran... that sent her down this inspirational path… but I do like the result. I like to overhear her conversations. I like to see her face light up. She often bubbles with the Word as she goes about her days.

 I especially watch her doing evangelism while she is shopping in the Thrift store, in the local Walmart, or in an Aldi’s grocery. In casual conversation with other shoppers, she has a wonderful knack for the tearing down and building up.

 Anyone meeting her can say that she quickly tears down all human pretenses between them. She befriends anyone in any place where she is. She lets them quickly and naturally know that she and they are just sinful folks muddling through a messy world.

 The scene fast becomes a world where finding a colorful sweater on a Thrift store rack is a treasure, one that is only surpassed by the real treasure who is Jesus Christ. Within minutes both she and a new

friend get to talking about the Truth, who is the Word given by God to us as the real treasure.


 Evangelism needs to be like that. When the treasure chest of scripture is finally opened with people we meet, we can all learn hard truth. Yes, I said all! Saint Paul pointed out … ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. None of us measure up.

 That sinful equality is where we need to start. It’s the first point to be made by the evangelist. Barb listens to troubles… and there are many out there. Gently she points out that if we suffer troubles in this world, it is because of our collective sin… our sinfulness as people puts us in the back of a black funeral car winding its way to hell. She says…

 “Just take a look at the Commandments that God put

Rust to Dust…? (cont’d)

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