First, know that as a Lutheran minister and backwoods theologian, my opinion about the “end of all things” differs from many of my rural counterparts. In fact, I view many fundamentalist biblical interpretations as not only wrong, but corporately dangerous for the future Church. Whenever I cross paths with these many clergy who clamor about the “rapture” and their various “dispensational” posturing, I toss their opiinions aside when they cry like we are spilling the last windshield washer fluid.

 You see, contrary to these doomsayers, I tend to read such important biblical documents as the books of Daniel and Revelation considering their context. They are written scripture that was penned centuries ago by persons who were looking after their Church communities. If we look at when these words were historically written, it’s a bit like listening to the full-throated roar of a dirt track car coming at you just before it breaks out of the dust hanging over some dry, rich North Dakota farmland. In these writings you quickly find that something bad

was coming toward them… and as you read a bit farther… you see that the Truth broke out quickly so that God’s knowing fans could avoid getting hit by dirt clumps and stones.

 Now we wonder today whether the warning of these prophecies still have meaning? Or are they only meant for times past, such as those days when the book of Revelation rightly predicted the fall of Rome? As an educated minister, I think the former is definitely true… mainly since such persons as the Preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes once railed in scripture that “nothing is new” that exists under the sun. Human sinfulness was... and still is sin. Deliverance for such as

Digitally Driven? (cont’d)

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Has confusion stalled the Church witness?

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