occur in the immediate future in order to provide hope for the persecuted churches of his day. By writing such, however, through the power of the Holy Spirit we have a sociological description of what has repeatedly unfolded again and again chronologically in history when serpentine-like evil brought vicious fangs against the Church. The offices and personalities which brought about the attacks changed and were coiled to rattle again within either the Church or the civil state.

 As for threat occurring internally to the Church, I note in Martin Luther’s record that he called the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church the “Anti-Christ”. This noted tirade occurred at a “kairos” time when he viewed that papacy’s work. Luther believed the papacy was prostituting the gospel message and impoverished God’s people for the sake of building grandiose architecture.

 In civil government however, we have suffered even more from others who also deserve the “Anti-Christ” title… such as Adolf Hitler,

Joseph Stalin, Polpot, Ho-Chi-Min, Mao-Tse-Tung, Nikita Khrushchev, Saddam-Hussein and more. These have given new life to the title. All of these persons fit John’s image to a great degree... mirroring that evil personage described beneath the quill inked by him. Thus in these more recent days, we can ask ourselves who in either Church or state replicates this behavior. Who offers up in their nations such evil horror as victims of abortion, euthanasia, unjust war and spiritual rebellion… as offers to many demonic powers?

 Now we may ponder what this means for us as we work beneath newly calibrated clocks at the end of the year. During any timely appraisal, our concern for the “kairos” future of the Church can quickly run rampant. At this writing, I know of two studies

Digitally Driven? (cont’d)

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Those who distort the message of Truth and attempt to tow away believers, shall gather due punishment.