on the front porch… and then I towed the car to my house.

 Thinking about that event during those days, now it seems the transaction brought out both darkness and light for us. By darkness of times we see that both parties knew need. She was yet in grief and I was looking for a way to get to school while leaving the newer car for my family. Both problems were solved for us by our meeting, and followed by fair giving and acceptance. She needed to be rid of the car and the many fading memories that rode with it. It pained her to look at it and remember the loving man who had died. She’d kept the car untouched and the garage locked for over a year.

 Additionally, I knew that I could not afford to spend a lot of cash. Tuition and books were not cheap, even in the early ‘70s

 That financial solution being granted reminds me of how our Lord dealt with us. Even today as a people we wander around with darkened and incomplete lives, often feeling the sinful need that we cannot name. Then after reading or hearing the good news of God’s fulfillment, we are empowered to cast off the nightmare of soul and daydream concerning

Catacombs Light?

future possibilities. For certain, the swap that God made for each of us was far more divine than my purchase of that convertible. Through Jesus’ walk to the cross, God took upon himself our sinful selfishness and gave us free title… and keys to his heavenly places.

 What does God ask of any person in return… just some loving service! Not

only are we to recognize his gift, but also we are sent to approach our neighbor seeking their benefit rather than our own. Deal with them honestly

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