and proclaim God’s good news! Then study his Word for further guidance about our future days.

 The future can be very bright. That Ford that I had been guided to did leak oil. I found, however, that the engine oil was leaking from the intake manifold seal at the rear of the big 390 cube engine. The seal cost me less than $20 as part of an intake manifold gasket set. A few hours work done at my home, and that Ford ran dry and smooth. A light tune up was done and it was ready to roll… to classes, to work, to church and eventually into the hands of someone who needed it far more than I did. Thus I say to you as we work through the darkness of this New Year unfolding, with great turmoil in illnesses, financial stress and political changes, turn to God who engineered the perfect deal for us.

 First, pray to our Father in heaven, and tell that you come in Jesus’ name. You see, the Light of love given to us freely by the Spirit through the sacrifice of his Son, guarantees brightness for the road ahead. We can go out and gather together in spite of tunnels cloaked in darkness. We can sit on porches

Catacombs Light?

passing time with those who mourn. We can sit mask-protected, in church declaring our sinfulness to God, and hear words of forgiveness that are proclaimed across the globe… knowing that we needed to hear instructions from God through the reading of his Word. Such is the great deal provided by God… the happy exchange!

 The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away… blessed is the name of the Lord.


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Jesus Is The Light
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