A U.S. air strike of Russia coupled with an invasion of Cuba was scheduled by the Kennedy administration. If it happened, the attack would likely trigger a nuclear response against American military and civilians. The war would initially lead to the deaths of over 200 million people, with many more dying later due to radiation poisoning.  

I say to you that this possibility of which I speak came to within less than a half-hour from an actual nuclear holocaust before our bombers were told to stand down. Earlier that day, every bomber that would fly had left our airbase in North Dakota. Within minutes I was told to go home by my First Sergeant so to be with my family for what would come. I went home, and like other military personnel told no one what was likely going to happen.  

 In decisive action, however, Khrushchev negotiated for de-escalation minutes before zero hour. When all missiles were withdrawn from Cuba, the

blockade officially ended on November 20, 1962. 

 That’s how close we in this world came to nuclear war back in the ‘60s. It became further a decade of confusion as the Viet Nam war began. Protesters fled to Canada while thousands marched to war. At home and abroad, the chaos beat went on. Cars were downsized and engines were given more power. The military arms and horsepower races thus continued unabated until air pollution became a factor. 

Now, with the so-called limited nuclear weapons arsenal agreements, that massive weaponry has changed. It includes those same B-52 bombers, backed by pilotless drones and nuclear battlefield missiles. 

In light of this history dear sisters and brothers, what measures should peace-loving Christians take? Did our nation vote in this last election for candidates who have greater sanity and compassion? Or have we put our trust in more berserk, satanic human powers? By election results we see a

By Your Endurance… (cont’d)

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“Whosoever believes will not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16b)