more people. A secretary, a mechanic of their own. and eventually a small company that carried the title “Eb’s Ambulance, Inc.” came to be.

 Now he sat retired many years past from those growing days, sitting on an airplane seat that would rise and fall. Tillie had died a decade ago, and he wished she was there to calm his soul. Eb had his granddaughter now to keep house. Her youth enlivened his life. She was the one who had talked him into restoring the old ambulance. He still had the old white Packard stored in the garage behind the house. With loving care, and his old mechanic’s skills, he resuscitated the old wagon.

 When finished, he remembered that it had been a hit at the local car show. He enjoyed the show so much that he bought another Packard to restore. Eb sat at the shows in his folding lawn chair and told the story of his mercy wagon again and again. He met people that had been ushered to the hospital in the its sparkling interior. One young woman, with a child hanging from a carrier on her back, said that she’d been a child who’d been delivered by Tillie in his restored treasure.

 He remembered his beloved Tillie as he sat in his airplane seat. He

thought of her raven hair and soothing touch when he’d injured his eye. Lastly, as he felt his granddaughter’s light touch to his cheek, he remembered planning to fulfill the dream that he and Tillie had shared.

  “It’s time.” his mentor said. The man stood by the airplane’s open door. Eb got up and his teacher fastened the safety clamps that joined them together. And out the doorway the two went.

 “It is odd”, yelled Eb on his way down. “I feel as safe as if in Jesus’ arms.”

 Bailing out in a skydive was everything he and Tillie thought it would be. The air rushed by and stole his breath. He was reminded of those men who’d bailed out and risked everything to save those on his plane. Then he heard his instructor… “Eb, are your eyes open? Look at the ground coming up to meet us. Do you see it? The cross is marked on the field.” 


“Do not forsake me, O Lord! O my God, be not far from me! Make haste to deliver me O Lord, my salvation.”  (Psalm 38:22)

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