As we entered a small barn door the first beautiful sight I saw was a pristine ‘70 Ford Mustang. Otto opened the hood and revealed an original 428 c.i.d. FoMoCo V-8 to me.

 That engine made my heart skip a beat. I had owned a ‘69 Mustang with the same sized engine, His Mustang was original. So much so, that his car even had the original dual-vacuum diaphragm distributor that I’d replaced with a centrifugal advance unit in my car.

 After I related my ownership of that car long gone... and belabored its drag racing history, Otto said, “Then you should like this.”

 He turned my attention to a dark green brute brooding in the rear corner of the shop. There sat another ‘70 Mustang. In this one the open hood was bursting with a dual-quad, tunnel port-equipped manifold on top of a 429 c.i.d. Boss V8. Much different than my quite street able V-8 and C-6 automatic transmission, his heavily modified engine drove racing slicks through a stout 4-speed manual tranny.

 Obviously, the car had been saddled for racing. It was accompanied by other cars that rested in the barn that were no less impressive.

 As we went through the barn I saw many performance cars that could only be had by someone with position, power and monetary security. For this reason, my friend began to take on another personality that I’d not seen before. He reminded me of the farmer who was described in a Bible story that Jesus told, the one who said that he had become so wealthy that he needed to build a bigger barn to hold his harvest. Jesus reminded us in that story that the rich man’s death would occur that night... and he asked who would then inherit his wealth. He thereby warned us that being rich in the kingdom of God was far more important.

Bountiful Barn Find...

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Mustang 428 c.i.d declares to 427’s and 429’s “What’s a cube between friends?”