Whether it was the look on my face that Otto saw, or something from the Holy Spirit that I do not know... my friend said he was going to give one collector car to his son-in-law... if that younger man would take care of matters left behind by Otto’s death. He revealed that the rest of the cars were fodder in his trading business, one so successful that it now demanded that he obtain a car dealer’s license.

 You see folks, Otto hasn’t really retired. Instead of being the owner of a farm machinery company from which he had “retired”, he was now a trader of select automobiles.

 Afterward, I saw an impressive room of the barn that was a shop complete with a wide variety of tools. These were fitting for any needed repairs or restorations on his collectibles.

 In the center of the shop, the rough body of a car was hanging from a rotating mount. That is when our differences really began to surface. You see, what he said was a Ford Falcon, I thought was a Fairlane. Even without front fenders and hood, its sloping quarter panels said to me that it was less bird and more horse. We disagreed a bit. I lessened the

difference of opinion by offering that it was likely a Canadian or Australian Falcon, like the one driven in the Mad Max movie. My host said no way, so I let it ride. It was his barn, his car.

 Before parting ways, we talked further about the present state of his health. We also found that we were both Lutheran. Therein an additional difference between us surfaced. As an ordained pastor, my Lutheran

expression is conservative and pro-life. His Lutheranism favors a woman’s choice in matters of pregnancy. My denominational stance only ordains those candidates living within a heterosexual relationship or are found as single and chaste. His Lutheran polity will ordain those of gay lifestyles.

 As our conversation continued I found that he was not truly informed of these differences within in the Lutheran churches. For that reason, I gave him a copy of my book which speaks like this article… some of both cars and religious topics. With a smile, Otto said he would read the book.

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