of a virus that has struck the United States. In typical fashion, rather than seeking healing, these powerful entities are playing the blame game. Like Peter, instead of recognizing the true cause of trauma… these blame others for the lack of foresight and response.

 If that doesn’t satisfy… then they blame an institution, including the Church, for lack of preparedness. Finally, they get to where Peter began… throwing up their hands before God and saying “Heaven forbid!”

  Peter ended up where he began, and this is where we must realize the final truth. We must lay everything at the feet of Almighty God. This event is occurring… because we have not taken the purposes of God seriously enough.

 A sinful humanity which ignores the laws of God… both the social laws laid down by commandment and those divine natural laws put in place from the beginning of creation.

Some authorities have said that we have not paid sufficient

From Age To Age… (cont’d)

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