Many Americans, being from either faith tradition were working there for various reasons or visiting family and friends. These are also at risk. There has been an infant Christian church missionary population entrenched there as well, and many yet remain.

 According to news sources, Americans are thus stranded in homes and hiding places throughout the city of Kabul and around that chaotic land. They have been given no promise by Biden's misguided military might of safe passage to the airport, where they might be able to leave that war torn country.

As to the Muslim population, they've been dragged by this takeover back into the harsh tribal realm of the ancient Muslim religion. They must adhere to laws that existed centuries ago. As they were since the 7th century, women are

Afghan... (cont’d)

once again considered only as property, having no political standing and are provided with no education. These oppressed women are enslaved, abused, raped, beaten and killed at the whim of their captors. They must exist in public covered in apparel from head to toe.

 All able-bodied men must bow to Allah and swear fealty to their captors, those who are heavily armed and claim to work in his name. Any citizens who had previously helped American forces in any way are in danger of losing their property, families and very lives.

 As Christians who live in a free nation, therefore, I ask you, “Where is the will of God for us in this fiasco?” Should we just pray and leave everything play out there as beyond our control? Or should we run to the aid of the enslaved women, the persecuted helpers of our military, and the Christian missionaries who knew they were working in a fragile society?

Where is God in all of this.., and what is his will? Certainly, if God is omnipotent... and all knowing... for this to occur our God must have removed his hand of protection from that place... and those people. If so… why so?

 Scripture is very clear, if only we are wise enough to read it. Only God is faithful. It has been given to us to do his will. By the leadership of such people as Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, we can easily find that if we are not servants of Christ, we will be slaves of Satan.

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828140: Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft
By Francis J. Beckwith